Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Body Stretching

Ok….i was told to do stretching exercises , pushups, pullups, situps and dips whn I joined the gym. But how ??? What is the purpose of stretching and rotating ur body.? Its is simple. By stretching blood flow will increas to all part of ur body. By rotating or moving ur joints, they will stay tuned. U can simply find the logic behind this by remembering the incidents which had hurted ur joints . Why..?? Because a normal person is not moving all of his joints. So when some situation asks him to do so, it will hurt him. Its always good to give some movements to ur joints once in a day, morning is the best.the picture below shows some movements which will help u to keep ur joints in a good condition. above all u will have a good flexible body.

remember that it wont take not more than 5-10 minutes to do this. all who have back pain problems, i suggest to do this daily.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Decide what u WANT

Ok guys….leme start here…many people working with me, aged and younger , hav many questions regarding their health and phyisical appearance. I guess, men are more concerned about their phisical appearance nowadays. Ladies are always in there before. No comments on them.

Ok, I started my workouts probably 3 yrs ago. Initially it was jus to have a show off. But whn I gradually got into it, I realized how good I was feeling both phisically and mentally after each workout sessions. When I started, like other normal skinny guys, I was keen to put up some great mass on my biceps n all. I told my instructor tht I don’t want to do all the other excercises. All I wanted is for biceps and chest…kinda funny whn I remember this now. But its true. I bet , now also, whnever some one starts working out he might be having the same thought inside.

So here is the point. My tutor told me to lift 10 kg for biceps workout and each sets wud be of 10 reps. I started and was done like in two sets. He smiled at me and told tht every thing starts from zero. First u hv to realize how strong u r. I asked him how ??? He told me to do 10 pushups. Again I was done by 7. then I realized that this shud not be the way one shud start working out. So from then on , I started from zero. Doing basic stretches, pushups, pullups, dips and all for one month and I got the result. Now I stands like 60 kg for biceps, 120 kg for chest, 140 kg for legs and all. Quite heavy I guess. So this was my story, but how I got there is the part I want to reveal.

So any one who plans to get into, please make sure ur age category and weight class. As u knw 18-30 age group is the time one having his peak energy. After that, it will be reduced.ok, after ur age class, u hv to decide ur body type or weight class. U might hv a lean body or a thick, after deciding the weight class, u hv to determine whether u want to get trimmed or want to put some more mass. Lean guys always go for the secomd option and the fat guys for the first. But the middle class, I mean those who are in shape, still can maintain tht body weight by burning their body fat and building muscles.

After getting these facts together, now its time to hit the cord. No age bars holds for the starting. That means, whether u r aged or young , whether u r fat or thin, these begenning exercises are the same for all. The science behind doing these begenning exercises is tht, we have to make blood rush through all of our body parts and keep them live and ready at times. That is whn body gets ready to do some thing hard. So DON’T skipp this.

In my nex post, I will give u the details about basic ground or free hand excercises that all of us can use.


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this blog will start rolling soon. the contents will be about fitness and workout routines. the ones i am following as well as some of the greats following.